“The vegetarian xiao long bao were awesome, the filling coarse and textured with spinach, spring onion, tiny pieces of Chinese mushroom, a few lengths of rice noodle and a subtle flavour of sesame oil”

- Goodfood -


“I rate xiao long bao by the cone of silence they create: if the world goes quiet while the dumpling goes down then they're good. These turned Melbourne to a whisper.”

- Goodfood -


"It’s Saturday night and you’re on the hunt for delicious dumplings; those morsels of pork and chives wrapped in a starch pastry that falls apart as you take the first bite..”

- Smudge-


“Melbourne has a strong xiao long bao game, but it’s Shanghai Street that’s arguably the busiest of the vendors, pumping out its popular steamed pork dumplings and attracting out-the-door queues on a daily basis. ”

- Broadsheet -


“They have a great pliant skin and sweet broth.  I also love the dumplings here which come in a soup for a good wintery meal.”

- Gourmet-chick -

“Their huge menu is full of unique dishes, as well as more traditional favourites like braised pork belly.”

- Achronicleofgastronomy -