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Our Restaurant Is A Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Build Delightful Chinese Cuisine.

Shanghai Street started in 2010, one of the first Melbourne Chinese food restaurants in Chinatown. We bring Shanghai cuisine and Shanghai xiaolongbao and juicy dumplings to Melbourne from the very beginning through Shanghai Street. For 10 years, we bring Xiaolongbao as a must have for Melbourne visitors and residents alike.
There are three restaurants called Shanghai Street in Melbourne Shanghai Street in Chinatown on Little Bourke Street Shanghai Street on Elizabeth Street Shanghai Street on Little Bourke St in Melbourne’s CBD


chef makes dumplings
make dumplings step 2
make dumplings step 2

From Press!

​“Melbourne has a strong xiao long bao game, but it’s Shanghai Street that’s arguably the busiest of the vendors, pumping out its popular steamed pork dumplings and attracting out-the-door queues on a daily basis."

- Broadsheet

"The vegetarian xiao long bao were awesome, the filling coarse and textured with spinach, spring onion, tiny pieces of Chinese mushroom, a few lengths of rice noodle and a subtle flavour of sesame oil”

- Goodfood

“I rate xiao long bao by the cone of silence they create: if the world goes quiet while the dumpling goes down then they're good. These turned Melbourne to a whisper.”

- Goodfood

“They have a great pliant skin and sweet broth. I also love the dumplings here which come in a soup for a good wintery meal.”

- Gourmet-chick

"It’s Saturday night and you’re on the hunt for delicious dumplings; those morsels of pork and chives wrapped in a starch pastry that falls apart as you take the first bite"

- Smudge

“Their huge menu is full of unique dishes, as well as more traditional favourites like braised pork belly.”

- Achronicleofgastronomy

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We re-open with a safe-dining and enhanced cleaning by using the hand sanitizer.